This pair of passive Micro Aperture speakers are perfect for anywhere requiring big sound from a small opening. These Micro Aperture speakers require traditional amplification to create room filling sound that is decor friendly.

Key Features:

  • Aesthetics : These decor friendly in-ceiling speakers are available with compact, paintable round or square perforated grilles
  • INSTALL EZE™ Tool-Less Installation : Exclusive magnet and spring clip design ensure the speakers stay secure in the ceiling, yet can be removed easily without needing to unscrew anything. The trim mounting ring makes them a perfect fit for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Low Power, Large Audio : Balanced Mode Radiator audio technology allows for big sound with far lower power requirements than traditional speakers.
  • More Speakers, Better Sound : Large in-ceiling speakers create audio hot and cold spots in a room, too loud when you are right under a speaker and too soft everywhere else. Micro Aperture speakers are just right.